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      IPRT Casino Pride Dec 2009 Tourneys Report


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      IPRT Casino Pride Dec 2009 Tourneys Report Empty IPRT Casino Pride Dec 2009 Tourneys Report

      Post by jimram on Fri Jan 01, 2010 9:04 pm

      Goa - Dec 2009 Casino Pride IPRT Tourneys Report

      Dec 09 events went quite well and we had a lot of new players join us.
      There were two stars of the show.

      1. Sangamesh P (Bangalore) who won the IPRT Casino Pride Cup and became the first IPRT Hall Famer. He will be on the up-coming exclusive IPRT website – India Poker Hall of Fame. Sateesh A (Hyderabad) was the first runner-up and Phil S (Goa) was the 2nd runner-up.
      Congratulations everybody!..great game.

      2. Anil G (Mumbai) who played excellent poker and won two tourneys back to back . Anil G is an experienced poker player and he showed his full form, talent and skills at the Dec IPRT tourneys. Indeed it was a pleasure watching his game. Anil G has played IPRT tourneys from the beginning and has won prizepools earlier too. He is also on IPRT Galleria.
      Anil G….you really showed us some nice poker…!

      Other encouraging signs were three lady players Asha D (Goa), Manju S (Mumbai) and Simone B (Germany) who participated in these tourneys. Manju S also came into the prizepool share in one of the tourney. IPRT thanks all the three ladies for their wonderful effort and great play. IPRT looks forward to seeing them and more women players joining this sport.

      Kaushik M (MxxDs), IPRT National Leaderboard top ranked and Nov 09 National Leaderboard winner, joined us too this time. Thanks MxxDs for coming.
      Though we have been following MxxDs’ tight tactical game on IPRT freerolls online CelebPoker, it was the first time we saw him play real life.

      We had quite a few members who were first time at Casino Pride tables. Thanks to all. Some of them were: Jimson, Simone, Manju, Tej KR, Shiva P, Sameer R, Rahul J, Vikram J, Bharat S, Rishabh, Manish K, Mahavir A, Akash P, Ketan K, Narendra J, Mak, Sudhir L

      IPRT would like to particularly thank Deepak S, Rishi BN, Mukul C, Abahay, Ambar P, Ashish N, Umesh B, Tousif M, Sassi K, Stanley D, Anil G, Sateesh A, Asha D, Raj T, Sangamesh P, Rajesh G, amongst so many others, for their continued faith in IPRT and their invaluable support.

      Particular thank-you to Phil for his encouragement and undaunted support to IPRT.
      Thanks to Gopal and his team at Pride Poker Room.

      We missed Craig in December (who had gone home to celebrate Christmas with his family). We now welcome him back and look forward to IPRT events being conducted under his professional supervision.

      IPRT wishes to, once again, thank all the participants, Casino Pride and all IPRT members across India, for providing the vigor to IPRT. We look forward to your continued support and participation and together lets bring this wonderful sport – “POKER”-on a single IPRT platform in India.

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