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    19 dec 09 tourney -"IPRT Casino Pride Cup" and the Winner gets a place in the "IPRT Hall of Fame"


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    19 dec 09 tourney -"IPRT Casino Pride Cup" and the Winner gets a place in the "IPRT Hall of Fame" Empty 19 dec 09 tourney -"IPRT Casino Pride Cup" and the Winner gets a place in the "IPRT Hall of Fame"

    Post by jimram on Tue Dec 01, 2009 12:31 am

    30 Nov 2009 - 19 Dec Tourney "Casino Pride Cup" - Winner will be the FIRST EVER to enter the "IPRT Hall of Fame"

    The IPRT Dec 2009 Tourneys have been confirmed for 17, 18, 19 Dec 09 (Thu, Fri, Sat), hosted by Casino Pride Poker Room, Goa.

    There is now a SPECIAL Attraction -

    ***The 19th Dec Tournament is going to be a very prestigious one...
    It will be the FIRST "IPRT Casino Pride Cup" event.
    Along with the prizepool you have the "IPRT Casino Pride Trophy".........
    .........and the winner will be the FIRST person ever to enter the " IPRT Hall of Fame"
    The top 3 places will also get their names into the playoff list for Poker Team India.***

    So do not miss this opportunity to make Poker History in India. The winner gets listed in the IPRT Archives forever as the "FIRST ONE".

    The buyin remains same for 19 Dec tourney (IPRT Casino Pride Cup) - Rs 50 K.

    IPRT’s Early Bird Program includes free hotel stays and extra bonuses for those who wish to participate and confirm before 9 Dec 09.

    All the details are posted on IPRT Group on Facebook, Bluffer, IPRT forum and IPRT home page - > upcoming events.

    Links to the above sites may also be accessed thru homepage.

    If you wish to participate in any of the tourneys, just email us your details - -

    First Name:
    Last Name:
    Mobile #:
    Tournaments you wish to participate or package code:

    We will confirm your place and reserve a hotel room for you. You will also be listed on Casino Pride Goa guest list. Once you have confirmed, you may register for the tourneys at the venue, the Casino Pride Poker Room, when you come to Goa.

    Do check out the Early Bird Program details, for exact dates and other particulars, on > upcoming events or on Facebook IPRT Group, Bluffer and IPRT Forum.

    Registrations will remain open to all at Casino Pride Poker Room till before the tourneys begin. However, the Early Bird Program participants will enjoy the benefits and bonuses of the program.

    Play the most exciting game at the most exciting Poker Room in India—

    ”Casino Pride Poker Room, Goa…………...IPRT’s Official Tournament Venue and Host……...

    Inform & invite your friends too..........
    .......... its the perfect festive time to be in give yourself an "ALL IN" treat....

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