IPRT Casino Pride Goa - 17, 18, 19 Dec Tourneys - FINALIZED


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    IPRT Casino Pride Goa - 17, 18, 19 Dec Tourneys - FINALIZED Empty IPRT Casino Pride Goa - 17, 18, 19 Dec Tourneys - FINALIZED

    Post by jimram on Thu Nov 26, 2009 8:56 pm

    Sorry we had to postpone the November tourneys to December due to the ship going in for regular maintainence.

    This event is finalized for 17, 18, 19 December at IPRT's Official Venue and Host in Goa - Casino Pride Poker Room - The Best Poker Action Room in India.

    This event will be recorded as November 2009 event officially.

    We are continuing with the Early Bird Program, though Goa is at Peak Season at this time and hotels/accomodations are difficult to get. So, you will need to confirm by 9 December latest, if you wish to participate in the Early Bird Program.

    Details ......

    IPRT December Tournaments hosted by Casino Pride Goa (November Event to be held in December)

    Dates 17, 18, 19 December (Thu, Fri, Sat) - 7.30 pm

    Buy ins - Rs 10k, 25K, 50K

    Paid Out - 90 %

    "IPRT Early Bird Program"

    Bonus Chart / Packages for those who confirm participation by 9 Dec 09

    Tourney Packages

    A. Single Tourney Participation Package:

    1. (# A – 1) - IPRT Christmas Special - 17 Dec (Thu) - Event 1 - Buy-in 10K – 800 bonus tourney chips + 20 bonus IPRT leaderboard points + 20 CelebPoker CPP's

    2. (# A-2) - IPRT Christmas Blowout- 18 Dec (Fri) - Event 2 - Buy-in 25 K - 1 nite free stay + 1200 bonus tourney chips + 30 bonus IPRT leaderboard points + 30 CelebPoker CPP's

    3. (# A-3) - IPRT Christmas Classic - 19 Dec (Sat) - Event 3 - Buy-in 50K - 1 nite free stay + 1500 bonus tourney chips + 50 bonus IPRT leaderboard points + 50 CelebPoker CPP's

    B. Double Tourney Participation Package:

    4. (# B – 1) - 10K+25K - 2 nites free stay + 2200 bonus tourney chips (900+1300) + 70 bonus IPRT Leaderboard points (30+40) + 70 bonus CelebPoker CPP's (30+40)

    5. (# B – 2) - 10K+50K - 2 nites free stay + 2500 bonus tourney chips (900+1600) + 100 bonus IPRT Leaderboard points (30+70) + 100 bonus CelebPoker CPP's (30+70)

    6. ( # B – 3) - 25K+50K - 2 nites free stay + 2900 bonus tourney chips (1300+1600) + 110 bonus IPRT points (40+70) + 110 bonus CelebPokerCPP's (40+80)

    C. Triple Tourney Participation package:

    7. (# C – 1) - 10K+25K+50K - 3 nites free stay + 4500 bonus tourney chips (1000+1500+2000) + 200 bonus IPRT Leaderboard points (50+60+90) + 200 bonus CelebPoker CPP's (50+60+90)

    NOTICE - Last List Selection for the Poker Team India Playoffs (which is by Invitation Only Event), will also be made at these tournaments.

    Others -

    *Participation at tournaments and Early Bird Program open to all IPRT members and non-members. IPRT rules apply.
    *Tournament registrations open for all at the venue till before the touney begins
    *Late Entries permitted - Late Registrations for each tournament will be open till 2 levels into the game (approx 60 minutes after the tourney begins) with penalty of 75 chips and 150 chips for 1st level and 2nd level late entry.
    *Those who confirm by 9 Dec latest will enjoy the above Early Bird Program benefits.
    *Those who confirm by 9 Dec but wish to make their own stay arrangements (where offered), will receive 500 bonus tourney chips per each tournament (instead of free stay).
    *All registrations/buy-ins will be at the venue at Casino Pride Poker Room, Goa.
    *Those who confirm for Double & Triple tourneys - as per IPRT Early Bird Program - will need to register/buy-in for them at the time of registering for their 1st tournament.
    *Registered late arrivals will have their chips on their seats and will be blinded accordingly.
    *Participants in the IPRT Early Bird Program (confirmed in advance but not registered) who do not show up in time for their first tournament, will be treated as No Shows.
    *Those who register for any tournament at venue (outside of the Early Bird Program Program) will not enjoy any of the additional IPRT Early Bird Program benefits/bonuses.
    *IPRT Early Bird Program cancellations can be made till 10 Dec.
    *No Shows will forfeit their eligibility to participate in any future IPRT bonus programs.
    Serious health or un-foreseen emergencies excluded.
    *90% paid out.
    *Starting Chip stack - 5000, 7000, 10000
    (Additional bonus tourney chips for IPRT Early Bird Program participants will be added to their starting chips)
    *Prizepools, trophies, certificates, chips set (final event) and IPRT leaderboard points will be awarded to winners as per structure.
    (Additional bonus IPRT leaderboard points and CelebPoker CPP’s for the IPRT Early Bird Program participant’s will be added to their account by 25 Dec 09)
    *Staying Arragement - stay is arranged at a decent budget hotel (air-conditioned room with breakfast open till 10.30 am), a few minutes walking distance from Casino Pride jetty. However, due to peak season in Goa changes may be made depending on availability.

    *Again due to the Peak Holiday Season, accomodation will be on twin sharing basis.
    *The Tournament Director's decision will be final for conducting the tournaments as per IPRT rules including disputes if any. There will be no recourse or contest to his decision, whatsoever.
    *IPRT Rules, Terms & Conditions apply. IPRT further reserves the right of participation, to revise structures, to change, postpone, cancel altogether any one or all tournaments without notice and without any liability of any kind whatsoever and/or change, cancel amend the IPRT Early Bird Program without notice and shall be indemnified against any losses, damages, injuries, etc. (rules at IPRT homepage
    *Automatic Authorization - IPRT will have the right to photograph/video any and all participants in the tournaments and use it for commercial, promotional and advertising purposes, including but not limited to Merchandise Sales, TV, Newspapers, etc, or any other form of media, including electronic, internet, telephonic, etc. IPRT shall not pay any compensation of any kind whatsoever for this use of personal photographs and information. (Those players who wish not to be photographed must inform IPRT in advance and confirm their participation accordingly)
    *Confirm your partipation in advance and avail of the IPRT Early Bird Program benefits -
    Confirm at:

    Email Jim -
    Email Craig -

    Call Jim - + 91 96734 67226
    Call Craig - + 91 91588 85088

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