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      April Poker tournaments at Clubs Card Room, Casino carnival Goa


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      April Poker tournaments at Clubs Card Room, Casino carnival Goa Empty April Poker tournaments at Clubs Card Room, Casino carnival Goa

      Post by dhruv on Tue Mar 01, 2011 5:05 pm


      FRIDAY, 1st April, 2011 Start Time - 8 PM

      Rs 6000 Buy-in with Rs 5000 going to the prize pool and Rs 1000 for every player you eliminate.

      SATURDAY, 2nd April,2011. Start Time - 6 PM

      "MAIN EVENT"
      Rs 10000 Buy-in.With 35 minute levels and generous blind structure,this will be poker in its purest form.

      SUNDAY, 3rd April 2011. Start Time - 6 PM

      Rs 5000 Buy-in.
      The all new format for the first time in India gives you a massive starting stack of 20,000 with 15 minute levels.

      Who is running the event?
      Clubs Card Room on board Casino Carnival.

      The purpose of the event?
      To provide a platform for friendly poker competition tournaments.

      Date & Location of the event?
      1st, 2nd, 3rd, April 2011 at Clubs Card Room, on-board Casino Carnival, Panjim Goa.

      How can one register and pay fees?
      Is there a maximum number of seats available?

      Registration and entry fees can be made at Clubs Card Room on board Casino Carnival anytime up to the start of the tournament. (Alternates/Late entries will be accepted up to the end of level 2). You can also confirm your participation by registering by email or phone 09404909710.

      What is the maximum number of seats available?
      There are a maximum of 70 seats available so early booking is recommended. Entry will be on first come first basis on payment of entry fees.

      Cost of registration ?
      No registration fee

      % of entry fee paid out in prize money ?
      90% of the entry fees will be paid out in prize money.

      Are there any re-buys or add-ons ?
      No Re-buys or add-ons. All tourneys are freeze-outs.

      Starting stacks ?
      5000 for head hunter, 10000 for main event and 20000 for Mega Stack Turbo.

      Blind time frames ?
      24 minute levels for bounty and 30 minute levels for the main event. 15 minute levels for
      Mega stack Turbo.

      Places being paid ?
      Will be decided on the day, according to the number of runners.

      Will there be a documented list of rules available ?
      Yes. IPRT Tournament Director Rules will be followed.

      Will there be a tournament director ?
      Yes. IPRT Tournament Director will manage the tournament.

      How will disputes be handled ? Who has the final say ?
      The IPRT Tournament Director.

      Will there be any other games on the day of the tournament ?
      Cash games will be available every day with blind levels to suit all pockets, 50-50, 100-200,
      200- 400, 500/1000. Other games will be made available on request.
      For more information and details:
      Email –,
      Call: 094909710 or

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