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      Hi everyone !! Welcome to 2011 !!


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      Hi everyone !! Welcome to 2011 !! Empty Hi everyone !! Welcome to 2011 !!

      Post by fminc on Mon Feb 28, 2011 3:03 am

      Wanted to welcome all new and existing members!!

      Please feel free to post on anything related to poker. We will section this forum into a very easy and manageable format shortly in the coming days, so that navigation can get faster. I think we all can help each other in finding out about any news poker related, as well as bettering each other as poker players.

      I'm just going to start posting on random poker related topics that have bin on my mind lately, not in any particular order, the idea is to start up some useful threads for all members.

      Also keep a lookout for any future IPRT events on this board. I can promise you two exciting ones in April and May, the news for which will be posted shortly.

      Welcome to the forum and welcome to IPRT.


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